Four Best Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Greeley

When you’re looking for a place to live in the Front Range, you’re likely to find all kinds of great choices up and down the interstate 25 corridor, and even along the foothills. However, you’re also likely noticing that a majority of communities and cities in Northern Colorado are growing quickly as they become more popular. Because Northern Colorado communities are consistently ranked among best places to live, you generally can’t go wrong! Here are four of the best reasons why you should rent your next apartment in Greeley!


Great Community

One of the best things about Greeley is that it has been a more tight-knit community than other cities in the area. Because of that, there are more opportunities for community connection, and as the city has grown, we’ve seen more and more entertainment, shopping, and community development popping up throughout our community. In addition to the great community of established businesses and locals, we’re just a little bit away from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the main Front Range, meaning that you have less traffic to deal with and more space to enjoy renting an apartment in Greeley!


Great Prices

Of course, price is a big factor when it comes to renting in Northern Colorado. While being rated among the best places to live is really great for press and validates how most Colorado residents already feel, it means that a lot of the more high-profile areas, like Fort Collins and Loveland, have rising costs of living. Greeley is a great place to rent apartments because it’s close enough to commute to those areas if needed, but just far enough away that our cost of living is easier to keep up with.


Close To Attractions

Renting apartments in Greeley means that you have easy access to all kinds of attractions, from being about a short drive away from the foothills, to being able to easily access the Budweiser Center, and so much more. As most people already know, Colorado is teeming with fun activities, from breweries to outdoor activities and so much more. Greeley hosts many fun activities in-town, too, such as The Greeley Stampede, which is the most well-known of local events, and a great example of the agricultural aspects of our town’s culture.


Tons Of Career Opportunities

Because Greeley is a growing area of commerce, has a rich agricultural focus, and has easy access to a wide range of local businesses and corporations, Greeley is a great place to live to find new job opportunities. If you are passionate about agriculture, there are many great opportunities right here within the city limits. Otherwise, we have many local businesses, house headquarters large corporations, and are in a rapidly growing section of Colorado, meaning that career opportunities are always available!

Renting an apartment in Greeley at Ten West is a great opportunity not only for a beautiful home at a great price, but also to enjoy everything the Front Range has to offer without dealing with the hustle and bustle of the high-profile areas like Fort Collins. Learn more about renting your new dream apartment from Ten West in Greeley today and check availability online to get started!